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Hinson is a collection of lights fantastic…classic, traditional, contemporary, cutting-edge. Hinson is lighting-in-motion. Our collection constantly grows, evolves, changes…encompassing an abundance of designs.

Hinson Lighting originated with the swing arm lamp designed by George W. Hansen over 60 years ago. In 1991 Harry Hinson acquired the Hansen Lamp company. Harry Hinson also designs and interprets new designs for the current environment.

Hinson Lighting is unique in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Lamps combine superb style, mechanical perfection, purity of design and precise attention to detail. Many of our important original Hinson designs are handmade by the finest of artisans in New York City. They are simply the best there is. A portion of the Hinson collection continues to be produced in association with Metalarte, S.A. in Barcelona, Spain and with its advanced design division, Metalab.
Josephine Lighting Collection
by designer Jaime Hayón

The majestic Queen of Baroque decorative luxury, the Josephine Chandelier...and more
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